Ristorante Mola Bella

Mola Bella Restaurant

Our tradition comes from a family of restaurateurs from Umbria, from a grinding wheel memory of oil, food and care from the study of the gastronomic Umbrian history. The ancient recipes, which for 35 years are passed in the heart of the family, are reworked and re-proposed in our menu’, rich in timeless yet contemporary flavors.


Mola Bella Catering working for fifteen years in receptions, gala parties, advise clients in banqueting and small events and ceremonies, with the utmost professionalism, animated by passion and constant care of all the staff with which it operates.

It comes from a family of restaurateurs in Umbria, a memory of grinding oil, care of the food and the study of history Umbrian cuisine. It is the memory that is handed down the tradition of the ancient recipes, which for 35 years is transmitted in the heart of the family, in search of flavors eternal yet contemporary, we have revised and re-presented in our menu.

The art of receiving it can not and should not be invented, but can only be innate. The Mola Bella Catering creates for you a magical and impeccable atmosphere for each service, from a gala dinner at the wedding, the refinement of the villa, the austerity of a castle or event in a private home, selecting refined menus, in accordance with the traditional cuisine, combined with the evolution of the culinary arts.

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It takes advantage of highly qualified staff that is suitable, diligent and attentive to the success of the event, providing the assurance that the most important holiday of your life is a success, that remains imprinted in the hearts and minds of those who was involved; the Mola Bella Catering prepares his designs with elegance and style to meet the needs of the customer.

Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of its chefs, kitchen lends itself to meet the demands and needs of the various locations, customers and those that cater for any event, offering dishes of Umbrian cuisine, together with the national dishes or not.

The Mola Bella Catering operates in accordance with the environment and the style of each location, carefully enhancing the beauty of the places of your choice, with you choosing the solution that best suits you.

We like to remind you that the gastronomic tasting of each event should be a riot from the first taste, taste as the eye, to become an indelible picture in the hearts and memories of you and who loves you.